Image of Soldiers PatrollingWelcome to Veteran Support. My name is Suzanna and my husband Simon and I have been together for eighteen years. We live in the North East of England with our two teenage children and a dog. Simon was in the Army for 9 years, which he left in 2002. He served operational tours in Bosnia and Northern Ireland
In 2010 after family problems, Simon had a complete breakdown; flashbacks, nightmares, night terrors, anxiety, aggressive outbursts and a whole host of traumas that returned from his time in the Army. He did not know who to turn to, did not want to admit that he couldn’t cope and  had no idea where to go for help.

It took me over a month to get Simon to agree to go and see a Doctor, who diagnosed him with PTSD and depression. It took months to get a response from NHS Mental Health or any of the major veterans charities. By the time he was finally offered help, his condition had declined to the point he could no longer work and  had to close a successful business.

Immediately we began to have financial problems. He lost all confidence, had problems with the side effects of the medication, his mental health had continued to worsen to the point he became suicidal.

Eventually it was small local charities that gave him the most help by providing whatever support they could and by pointing us to all the best places to get help.

Simon is still struggling with PTSD and depression and now suffers related physical problems, but we have had help to get rid of debts, have had assistance with applying for benefits and a war pension and he is receiving help for his mental health.

The biggest problem throughout has been that although the help was available, the information about it was not. I am hoping that by setting up this website and providing as much information and resources as possible in one place, that it may help others to get assistance more quickly.

At the minimum the site will be a directory of available agencies, but hopefully it will grow to something much more than that.